Sunday, June 21, 2009


Today (June 21 is Father's Day)when dads are honoured by loved ones. I thought of my dad who passed on in 2006. What I miss most? His art of communicating advice/discipline in a story. He was a fine example of a principled man who called a wrong, a wrong and lived by example. My wish for this wonderful day? No more than carrying the torch my dad lit and hopefully passing it on.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Genesis 38 and 39

Genesis 38 and 39 talk about two brothers. Chapter 38 is about Judah while chapter 39 is about Joseph.The two brothers were indeed different by all accounts. Judah compromised himself to sexual sin (ending up siring a child with his daughter in law!!). Joseph refused to sleep with his boss's wife (Potiphar's wife) and ended up in prison for something he never did. I asked myself why these 2 stories are side by side and learnt that evil and good are not very far from each other. It is almost a given that you will hear of some evil thing soon after being blessed with a good deed and vice versa.When evil appears to be winning, take comfort that the good hand of God is just around the corner.


As heard from the man of God. An elderly woman left instructions of how she wanted her funeral conducted. She wrote, "when I die, I don't want any male pall bearers. Only women should be allowed." To this instruction she added,"I have ben a single woman the entire time of my life. No man took me out. As such I don't want any man to take me out in death."

Saturday, June 06, 2009


Visiting Zambia brought back old memories (I was there for almost 5 weeks between April and May). Most memorable sites/events were captured on pictures:

A: Driving along a rural road (empty and serene) Kapirimposhi to Serenje Road

B: A roadside market (Lusaka-Kabwe Road)

C: The dam at Musonda Falls (Mansa to Mwense road)

D:Cabbages on a farm (Lusaka west)


The above heading catches your attention as you drive on Zambian roads (see photo). Indeed, prepartions are in high gear for the world game of soccer. Zambia is in a tough qualifying group with the likes of Egypt, Algeria and Rwanda. Today, Zambia plays Rwanda at Konkola stadium. I look forward to seeing the results. Fortunately, soccer has advanced to the point where there are no underdogs, thanks to the new era.