Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A true Christmas gift

It doesn't get out of fanshion. It is not comparable to what Jane received.It doesn't wear down. It is not boring. It is for life. All you have to do is receive it. It is Emmanuel. Price tag? Priceless.

Looking back on 2013

The major news channels have already played out what they think the main stories for 2013 were. As well, newsmakers so to speak have been voted on and selected. We certainly learn from history and what a year 2013 was. Personally, it feels like I was on a roller coaster. As you grow older, they say that years seem to pass by faster than when you were younger. It certainly felt that way. Days were always crowded with appointments and things to do. The exciting thing about coming to the end of the year is that it gives one an opportunity to look forward. In the words of Paul, forgetting what is behind and pressing on (Phil 3:13) is the best resolution for the new year. It doesn’t mean that one should not learn from the past, but being bogged down in the past can deny us to see the opportunities that are right in front of us. May God help me to see what he has in store for mw in 2014. Mountain tops or valleys, I can say thank you for the year ending today.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

I just came to say thank you

Pastor Jay and his son Mat enjoyed ministering in their neighbourhood. Every Saturday, they went out in their neighbourhood, hand out tracts and invite people to join them at their local church on Sunday, just down the road. As always, a lot of people just walked by but once in a while they conversed with a few and handed out a tract or two followed by an invitation to attend the Sunday service. Mat enjoyed the outing with his dad and looked forward to going out every Saturday. This Saturday was different. It was cold and raining. Pastor J did not think it was wise to go out. Mat was disappointed with his dad. He said, he would go out and walk about and possibly hand out one tract in spite of the poor weather. As Mat stepped outside, he felt the cold going right to his bones. This did not deter him. He walked past the park. There was nobody around. The park was deserted because of the cold. It took him 30 minutes to walk about to complete the usual rout. It was time to go back home. Then he noticed a lone house at the end of the street. He felt the urge to ring the bell and so he did. There was no answer. He sensed that someone was inside and so he pressed the bell one more time. No answer. Then he gave the door a good knock while still pressing the door bell. He heard some movement. An old woman came to the door. “How can I help you son? she asked. “ I am sorry for disturbing you ma’m. I jus wanted to wish you a merry Christmas and to tell you that Jesus loves you,” Matt said. As he spoke, Matt was smiling and reaching for his tract on “Knowing Jesus personally.” The woman said, “thank you.” “Before I leave,” Matt said, “I just want to leave this tract with you.” And off Matt went. The next day was a Sunday. As always, Pastor J started the service by asking his congregation if anyone had anything to share. A feeble voice at the back of the church said, “I have something to share.” An old woman stepped in front and said, “God sent an angel to my door yesterday. I lost my husband 10 years ago and I have been lonely ever since. I don’t go out and nobody visits me. Yesterday, I was about to take my life. I tied a rope to the rafters on one end and around my neck on the other end. Just as I was about to jump from the chair, I heard my door bell ringing loudly and a lot of pounding on my door. I paused from taking the leap and went to check who was at the door. I found a smiling young man who wished me merry Christmas in 10 years and told me that Jesus loves me. He left me a tract which I eagerly read as soon as he left. I did exactly what the tract suggested. I gave my life to Jesus and I came to your church today because there was an address of your church at the back of the tract and so I just came to say thank you.” The story was so emotional that Pastor J left the pulpit and went to hug his son and the woman, remembering that he had stayed away from their routine Saturday witnessing with his son. There was no person without a tear in the sanctuary. It was the best Christmas ever. Note: This story was shared by Ken and Barb Dickson but has been modified slightly to suit the Christmas theme.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


"World peace cannot be built on empty stomachs." Norman Boldug

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Lusaka Traffic

It is quite nerve racking to drive on Lusaka roads. I spent almost an hour trying to get into the city from Lusaka West along Mumbwa road. What was amazing was that although we were stuck, other cars around us were moving! Any little space that opened up was quickly taken  up by whoever could honk the loudest! I have enjoyed my stay but not the driving.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

THE FAITH OF A LITTLE BOY (from Minsula's pages)

 Once in a small farming town in Oklahoma, there lived a poor fourth grade boy named
Andy who would follow this route to school everyday:

He had to cross the rugged plains and a dangerous highway where vehicles recklessly drove to and fro. Once past this highway, the boy would take a short cut by passing by the Church every morning just to say hi to Jesus, and faithfully say his morning prayers. He was being watched by the pastor who always found the boy's sincerity and innocence so uplifting in the morning.

"Hello Andy, How are you today", he would say greeting the child.

"I'm fine Pastor Thompson, How are you" ...he would say flashing his innocent grin.

Seeing the way that Andy went to school the pastor was so concerned; one day he talked to him. "From school...", he advised "do not cross the highway alone, you can pass through the Church and then I will accompany you to the other side of the road. That way I can see that you get home safe...."

"Thank you Pastor..."

"Why don't you go straight home ... why do you stay in this church right after school?"

Andy replied, "I just want to say "Hi" to my friend, Jesus," so the pastor would leave the boy to spend time praying by himself beside the altar, but one day out of curiosity he hid behind the altar to listen to what this boy had to say.

"You know my math exam was pretty bad today, but I did not cheat-although my seat mate was bullying me for notes ... you know, Dads had a bad farming season so far this year so we don't have much food, but I ate some bread and drank my water. Thank you for this!

I saw a poor kitten who was hungry and I know how he feels so I gave some of my bread to him... funny but I am not that hungry... Look, this is my last pair of shoes... I may have to walk barefoot next week... you see this is about to be broken... but it is okay...at least I am still able to go to school... some say we will have a hard season this month, and some of my classmates have had to stop going to school to help with the farms ... please help them get to school again, please Jesus?... Oh, you know, Dad hit me again, it is painful, but I know this pain will pass away, at least I still have a Dad ... you want to see my bruises? I know you can heal them ... here... here and....oh ...blood. I guess you knew about this one, huh? Please don't be mad at Dad, he is just tired and worries about putting food on our table and my schooling that is why he hits me... Oh, I think I am in love... there's this pretty girl in my class, her name is Anita... do you think she will like me? Anyway, at least I know you will always like me, I don't have to be anybody just to please you, you are my very best friend!

Hey your birthday is just one week from now!!! Aren't you excited?

I am! Wait till you see, I have a gift for you.... but it is a
surprise! I hope you will like it! Oooops, I have to go..."

Then he stood up and calls out, "Pastor, I am finished talking to my friend...can you accompany me to the other side of the road now"?

This routine happened everyday. Andy never failed to visit the church. Pastor Thompson shared this every Sunday to the people in his church because he had never before seen such pure faith and trust in God, and such a very positive outlook in such negative circumstances.

The day before Christmas, Pastor Thompson became very ill and was sent to the hospital. The Church was left to a substitute Pastor who had little patience for children or for any interruptions in his work. He would not smile and could always find fault in what other people were doing. On Christmas Day he was in the Pastor's Study when Andy, coming from his Christmas party, playfully dashed into the church calling, "Hi Jesus!!!!!"

"Who are you child and what are you doing in here", the pastor yelled out angrily.

Poor Andy was so terrified. "Where's Pastor Thompson? He always helps me cross the street.... and not only that, I have to greet Jesus--it's His birthday, I have a gift right here...."

Just as he was about to get the gift out of his shirt, the pastor grabbed Andy by the shoulder and pushed him out the door of the church.

"I cannot be bothered right now I am preparing my sermon for the Christmas service tonight. Also, next time be more reverent when you come into the church", the man yelled as he closed the door behind Andy.

So the boy had no choice but to cross the dangerous side of the road in front of the church by himself. As he crossed a fast moving bus came in. There was a blind curve. The boy was protecting his gift inside his shirt, so he was not looking. There was so little time.

Andy died on the spot.

As people crowded around the body of the poor, lifeless, young boy...

Suddenly, out of nowhere a tall man appeared in a pure white shirt and pants, a face so mild and gentle, but with eyes full of tears...

He came and carried the boy in His arms, He was crying.

Curious bystanders nudged the man in white, and asked, "Excuse me sir, are you related to the child? Do you know him?"

The man in white, His face mourning and in agony, answered, "He was my best friend .. " was all he said. He took the badly wrapped gift from the shirt of the lifeless boy, and placed it near his heart. He \stood up and carried the boy away and they both disappeared from sight.

The crowd was curious...

On New Years Eve, when Pastor Thompson returned home from the hospital he learned of the shocking news. He went to visit Andy's parents, and to ask them about the man in white he had been told about. He consulted the parents of Andy. "How did you first learn of your sons death?"

"A man in white brought him here." Sobbed the mother.

"What did he say?"

The father answered, "He did not say anything. He was mourning. We do not know him and yet he was very lonely at our son's death, as if he knew our son very well. But there was something peaceful and unexplainable about him. He gave me my son, and then he smiled peacefully. He rubbed
my son's hair away from his face and kissed him on his forehead, then he whispered something..."

"What did he say?"

"He said to my boy...
" the father began,
"Thank you for the gift...
I will see you soon..
you will be with me...
" The father of the boy continued,
"and you know for a while, it felt so wonderful...
I cried, but I do not know why....
all I know is I cried tears of joy...
I could not explain it, but when that man left, something peaceful came over me, I felt a deep sense of love inside...
I could not explain the joy in my heart, I know my boy is in heaven now.. but... tell me,

who was this man that my son talked to everyday in your church, you should know because you are always there... except at the time of his death..."

Pastor Thompson suddenly felt the tears welling in his eyes, with trembling knees, he murmured,

"He was talking to Jesus..."

Friday, April 19, 2013


"To teach  is to learn twice." Unknown Source. I couldn't agree more and hats off to all teachers.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Some places have too much of everything. This year, there is more snow in most Canadian cities. In my city (Regina), we have had to cancel events because of too much snow! It is not that snow is falling every day. What has accumulated over the winter period however is so much that most streets have been reduced to a single lane and making it impossible to park cars on the street. Technically, April is spring time in western Canada when flowers should be blooming but it feels like winter everywhere! Records low temperatures were broken yesterday, with Broadview SK reporting (-22oC). Today, there is a snow storm warning centred around central western SK (N. Battleford and Saskatoon). A significant part of my training is Meteorology (weather and climate sciences) and so I spend quite a bit of time trying to figure out what is going on (scratching at the surface only since all knowledge is God’s.” The thought that always crosses my mind is “can we turn the snow into something good and useful especially for places where they don’ have snow?” The majority of my friends tell me that this is an academic question. Academic or not, I feel that  there ought to be at least a partial answer. I keep reminding my friends that a while back, excessive wind and hot temperatures were just a nuisance and academic issues. Now, wind is a source of energy and wind farms are becoming common place in Canada and world-wide for that matter. The abundant sunlight is now an energy source. We now have more solar powered gadgets than electrified homes in the developing world (I think). I am convinced that there must be some other use for the “extra” snow apart from its value in the hydrological cycle and energy balance equations. Let me know if you have an idea of turning snow into cash.

Friday, March 22, 2013


It is said that Einstein tested some of his relativity ideas while riding on trains. One day, he had an interesting discussion on the train with the Ticket Master (Conductor). As Einstein tried to reach for his train ticket from his wallet, the ticket dropped and slid under his seat. He went on his fours trying to retrieve it. The Ticket Master told him that it was alright, after all he recognized Einstein as the famous scientist. The Ticket Master went to other seats checking the tickets. On his way back, the Ticket Master found Dr. Einstein still on his knees looking for his ticket. He said, “I told you not to worry about it Dr. Einstein. I know you and I don’t need to see your ticket.” Dr. Einstein replied, “Thank you very much but I must find my ticket because I don’t know where I am going.” Many of us are like Dr. Einstein. We seem to be sure of ourselves but don’t know where we are going especially after we die. You can be sure today if you follow the one who resurrected from the dead and who has promised to take us where He is. You can trust Him today. As much as we will be saddened to be reminded of his brutal death next week at Easter, it will also be a celebration of joy because He rose from the dead and will come back again. Don’t be like Dr. Einstein. Be sure of where you are going.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Have you ever assembled a puzzle? It is interesting that every piece in a puzzle is different!it is only after you have put every piece in its place that you get to enjoy what the puzzle is all about. It may turn out to be a scenery of a beach, mountain, animal or some other beautiful thing. A puzzle piece makes the picture whole when it is put in its rightful place. All of us are pieces of God's puzzle. There is no useless piece! God wants to use each one of us where we are so that we can solve the mystery of his puzzle. You are an important piece made in the image of God. (Adapted from a children's worship story as told by Crystlle Tonn on March 10).


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