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Wise saying may be conveyed as proverbs, chants etc. They are used to drive home ideas, issues, arguments, inspirations and so on, in the day-to-day life of an African. Wise saying are an integral part of the life and culture of an African. These philosophical words of wisdom have been preserved from generation to generation and are always handed over from parents to children as an inheritance. No matter how great an orator you are, or how eloquent you are, your speech is regarded as incomplete without proverbs which serve as ingredients for the speech. Africans hold proverbs in the highest esteem, and an African is regarded incomplete without the mastery of proverbs. Here are a few from Zambia:

A child who never travels beyond his village grows up thinking that his mother is the best book in the whole world ( from Zambia)

The hands of the porridge owner can never be dirty (from Zambia)

The man who refused to take advice from his friends arrived with feaces on his suit at his wedding (from Zambia)

It is not unusual for a cockrel to break its wing before adulthood (from Zambia

Saskatchewan Changes Immigration Rules for Family Members

My readers might be interested in knowing that the Sask Provincial government has made changes to immigration of family members of those residing in Sask (permanent residents) or citizens of Canada. The text below is a 'copy and paste' policy change for your information. The document has relevant links if anybody wants to explore the issue further.
SINP — Family Members Category
WHO IS ELIGIBLE?People living in another country that have family members who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents living in Saskatchewan may qualify. This includes:
first cousin; or
step-relative or in-law of the same level
ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA To be eligible under the Family Members category you must:
Have a signed affidavit of support from one or more family members in Saskatchewan that indicates they will provide settlement assistance to you and your family. This may include financial support.
Be between the ages of 18-49;
Have completed at least one year of post-secondary education, training or apprenticeship;
Have at least one year of work experience in your field of education/training;
Have sufficient language capability to be employable in Saskatchewan that is verified by an employer affidavit or by education and language testing;
Have a fulltime permanent job offer from an employer in Saskatchewan or, intend to find work in Saskatchewan and have adequate funds to live in the province after arrival ($10,000 for principal applicant and $2,000 for each additional accompanying family member). The funds may be from you or your supporting family members.
For useful information about looking for employment in Saskatchewan please refer to the employer opportunities in our links section of this website.
Applicants who intend to work in an occupation requiring licensing or certification in Saskatchewan must contact the applicable provincial, national and/or industry regulatory association prior to applying for nomination to verify that they will be able to meet licensing or certification requirements. Before nomination the SINP will contact the appropriate regulatory body to ensure they have no objections to SINP nomination.
Applicants who intend to work in a medical profession requiring licensing or certification must apply under the SINP Health Professionals category.
For information on regulated and non-regulated occupations in Saskatchewan and Canada contact the Canadian Information Center for International Credentials at or Services Canada Work Destinations at
Obtaining provincial or federal licensing or accreditation in your intended occupation does not guarantee you will be able to find employment in your field in Saskatchewan.
WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO BE A SUPPORTING FAMILY MEMBER? Supporting family members can include:
first cousin; or
step-family member
CRITERIA FOR SUPPORTING FAMILY MEMBERS To be eligible as a supporting family member you must be:
A Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada who has lived in Saskatchewan for the past year; and
Financially self-supporting. You are not eligible to be a supporting family member if you have received financial support through the Saskatchewan Assistance Plan, Employment Insurance, or the Resettlement Assistance Program within the last six months.
APPLYINGApplicants must complete and send the following forms to SINP :
SINP-100-22: Family Members Category Application Form This form must be completed by the applicant.
SINP 500-8 Affidavit of English Language Ability This may be completed by the employer to support the language ability of the applicant.
IMM-0008: Application for Permanent Residence in Canada This form must be completed by the applicant.
Schedule 1: Background / DeclarationThis form must be completed by the applicant and (if applicable): his or her spouse or common-law partner; and all dependant children aged 18 years or older listed in the application for permanent residence.
Schedule 4: Economic Classes—Provincial NomineesThis form must be completed by the applicant.
IMM-5406: Additional Family InformationThis form must be completed by the applicant and (if applicable): his or her spouse or common-law partner; and all dependant children aged 18 years or older listed in the application for permanent residence.
The applicant may complete one or both of the following forms, if applicable: (a) Use this form to designate an authorized representative to handle your file: IMM-5476 — Use of a Representative. This form also authorizes CIC and Saskatchewan to release info rmation to and deal with your representative on matters pertaining to your file. (b) Use this form if you wish to have your application info rmation sent to a designated individual other than your representative: IMM 5475 — Authority to Release Personal Information to a Designated Individual.
For more information: Instructions on using a representative (PDF file).
Birth certificate for applicant and immediate family-members that list both parents, marriage certificate, divorce, custody and maintenance documents.
A police report (original only) from the last country where an applicant and accompanying family members over the age of 18 have lived for more than six months.
Valid passport (photocopy only). In order to ensure successful immigration processing, it is recommended that passports have an expiry date no less than two years from the date of your SINP application. Each family member must obtain an individual passport.
Documents required to verify eligibility:
Bank confirmation of personal funds.
Education/training credentials.
Letter of reference from previous employers to prove work experience or other proof of employment.
Regulatory or licensing credentials (if applicable)
Proof of language competency (English or French, if applicable). If the applicant does not have an offer of employment, educational documents or language testing results must be submitted to demonstrate their English language capability.
Letter of offer of permanent employment from the Saskatchewan employer stating position, wage, benefits and company contact information. (if applicable)
Proof of family relationship living in Saskatchewan as a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
Supporting family members must complete and send the following form to SINP
SINP 500-22: Family Members Category Affidavit of Support
All documents submitted must be original or certified/notarized copies unless otherwise specified. Where documents are not in English, an original translation by a certified translator must be provided with the original or certified/notarized copy of the document. All forms must be original.