Monday, December 28, 2009


The coming of a new year always brings about resolutions. The year 2010 will be no exception. Surprisingly, resolutions do not last for too long. An encouraging resolution which is God centred is striving for the best.This is what the Apostle Paul meant when he said "I press on" Phill 3:12. It is not about making resolutions that are going to be broken a week later. It is about committing to doing what is right before God. We cannot do it in our own strength. It requires inviting God to work with us.

Monday, December 21, 2009


It is December 09 and the season is Christmas. Many people have already made plans of how they are going to make this year memorable. I heard a Christmas story that just blew me away and thought of sharing it: " A Sunday School Teacher walked in her clas with two Chrikstmas presents. The first present was wrapped in brown paper. The second was wrapped in sparkly colourful paper. The kids chose the sparkly present as their treat for the day." The teacher went to explain that Jesus came in a brown wrapping paper. He was born in a stable and hardly had a warm blanket when the birth attendant(Joseph) received him on earth! Apart from the poor shepherds and some foreign visitors (so called magi),nobody really cared about his birth. Fast forward to age 20 to 30. Still, nobody cared except for some 12 illiterate loyal followers, the sick, the lame, the blind and a few curious Jews. Yet this is the person we call THE SON of GOD or appropriately Emmanuel (God with us)! He certainly did not receive the appropriate gift of recognition as the liberator of mankind. You can mke a difference by choosing him as your best gift for the 2009 Christmas. Choose Him as your saviour and friend and present Him with your the best gift ever! He is just waiting for your decision. He just wants you as a friend (see John 15:15).

Saturday, November 14, 2009


In most urban centres, garbage is collected at least once every fortnight. If garbage is left uncollected, unsanitary conditions ensue and health may be compromised. When garbage collecters take a labour dispute by going on strike, it is not the most pleasant time to live in a city because of the smell that comes out of the heaps of garbage. Human life is not very different from garbage. When we habour all sorts of garbage in our hearts (anger, envy,or generally all manner of SIN), our lives send out a stench. Fortunately, we are told that we can take out our garbage on a regular basis to the one who is faithful and just to wipe our misdeeds clean. In contrast to the city garbage collectors, He who is able to forgive our sins does not go on strike. This is our God and you can read about how He does this in 1 John 1:9-10.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Zambia

Zambia celebrated 45 years of independence from Britain on October 24. Zambia has had4 presidents (three of them in the last 15 years). Ascendancy to power has been through the ballot. Though problems exist at evry election (with allegations of vote rigging), the people of Zambia must be congratulated for respecting the rule of law. My birthday wish for Zambia is to see selfless young leaders to take up the challenge of leading. I respect what the founding fathers did but there comes a time to put new leaders into office. 45 years is long enough to trust that wisdom has been passed on. Well done Zambia.


"A civilization flourishes when people plant trees under which they will never sit." Greek Proverb

Friday, August 21, 2009


"The log in your eye," is a story that most people are farmiliar with from Mathew 7:1-6 on judging others. The story made even more sense to me when I heard the following humorous lines (i hope) from the man of God:
"An elderly couple stopped by a restaraunt to eat. They were on a long road trip for their summer holidays. They got in their car after their meal and upon travelling about 30km, the woman remebered that she left her handbag in the restaraunt. She asked her husband to drive back so she could pick her handbag. The husband was not amused. Being on the major highway, he could not just turn around. The next exit was 10km away. He ranted on and on. "Why didn't you check before we left?" "Now we have to waste gas on a trip we shouldn't be making." The wife just kept quite, thinking that the husband was possibly right in making these remarks. They finally got to the restaurant and as the wife stepped out of the car, the husband shouted, "While you are picking your handbag, collect my credit card from the cashier and pick my hat from where I sat."

Thursday, July 02, 2009


Zacheaus was "physically challenged!" He was a short man and unable to see stuff well at crowded events.This was the case when Jesus, the greatest super star that ever lived was passing through a Palestine city called Jericho. Zacheaus badly wanted to get a glimpse of Jesus, after all he had heard that the dead were coming to life and the bind had their eyes opened because of Jesus. He climbed a tree to get a glimpse. Surprise, surprise, the "star dropped in" and begged him to come down and prepare a banquet. This is a happy ending and Zacheaus promised to lead an upright life thereafter. This story reminds me that we are all too short to see Jesus. For many of us, it is the buggage we carry (e.g. hate, anger) that makes it impossible to enjoy life to the full (like Jesus). It may be that, we literally have physical challenges (illness etc). Fortunately, He who came to seek the lost has already seen this. He is acually saying, "I know where you are, I want to come to supper with you." Coming to supper means relieving us off our burdens. It is the bottom line.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Today (June 21 is Father's Day)when dads are honoured by loved ones. I thought of my dad who passed on in 2006. What I miss most? His art of communicating advice/discipline in a story. He was a fine example of a principled man who called a wrong, a wrong and lived by example. My wish for this wonderful day? No more than carrying the torch my dad lit and hopefully passing it on.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Genesis 38 and 39

Genesis 38 and 39 talk about two brothers. Chapter 38 is about Judah while chapter 39 is about Joseph.The two brothers were indeed different by all accounts. Judah compromised himself to sexual sin (ending up siring a child with his daughter in law!!). Joseph refused to sleep with his boss's wife (Potiphar's wife) and ended up in prison for something he never did. I asked myself why these 2 stories are side by side and learnt that evil and good are not very far from each other. It is almost a given that you will hear of some evil thing soon after being blessed with a good deed and vice versa.When evil appears to be winning, take comfort that the good hand of God is just around the corner.


As heard from the man of God. An elderly woman left instructions of how she wanted her funeral conducted. She wrote, "when I die, I don't want any male pall bearers. Only women should be allowed." To this instruction she added,"I have ben a single woman the entire time of my life. No man took me out. As such I don't want any man to take me out in death."

Saturday, June 06, 2009


Visiting Zambia brought back old memories (I was there for almost 5 weeks between April and May). Most memorable sites/events were captured on pictures:

A: Driving along a rural road (empty and serene) Kapirimposhi to Serenje Road

B: A roadside market (Lusaka-Kabwe Road)

C: The dam at Musonda Falls (Mansa to Mwense road)

D:Cabbages on a farm (Lusaka west)


The above heading catches your attention as you drive on Zambian roads (see photo). Indeed, prepartions are in high gear for the world game of soccer. Zambia is in a tough qualifying group with the likes of Egypt, Algeria and Rwanda. Today, Zambia plays Rwanda at Konkola stadium. I look forward to seeing the results. Fortunately, soccer has advanced to the point where there are no underdogs, thanks to the new era.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


"Good top soil is the closest thing we can get to a free lunch." Quote was seen on a slide presented by John Wiener of Colorado State University at the CPASW meeting held in Oklahoma, National Weather Center(March 24-27,2007).

Monday, March 02, 2009


'Chariots of Fire' is an old movie which shares the real life story of Eric Riddel, a Scot. He worked as a missionary to China but had a passion for running. He wanted to please God with his gift of running. During the Olympic heats, he learnt that he was scheduled to run the 100 meter dash on a Sunday. He flatly refused to run. The solution was found by exchanging his heat fro a 400 metre race. Eric went to win gold and his 'friend,' an English man went to win gold in the 100 m dash. The build up to the race is full of struggles and disapproval from Eric's family. In particular, Eric's sister, Jane did not think that running was in line with Go'd command to be still and know that He is God (Is 46:10).

Friday, February 13, 2009


Who was Valentine? I have read about him and you possibly have. I have something in common with this person. I was born on February 14, going by my official documents. My wife is proud of my birth day and so was my mom. As we celebrate love on February 14, let us remember the one who loved us first before we ever learnt to love other people (1 John 14: 9).


I visted British Columbia in early February. The mountains are scenic and speak of God's glory (see photo in lower left panel), mountains are in the background of the water front. British Columbia or BC as it is fondly called will be hosting the winter olympics next year. One of the projects underway is the construction of the undeground train service to the city centre from the airport. I captured the tunnel under construction in the upper right photograph. I was most fortunate to visit BC during the first week of February because the weather was nice (above 5 degrees C on most days). Most important though was that it never rained for a week! BC is known for its rain and cloudy weather. It was a blessing to be around when the weather was nice and sunny, just about perfect to enjoy one of God's most beautiful creations.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


My older son overgrew most of his clothes. I was quite happy that his young brother would take them and save us some money on new clothes. He flatly refused to wear "hand me downs." Today, a man of God reminded me of how I pass on hand me downs and left overs to God. He talked about the old sytem of the old testament where people brought unblemished animals to atone for their sins. Today, when there is so much wealth and sucess, we would rather give God what we don't want or just the change from our big purchases. Big purchases on entertainment and junk food which he called rust and dust is 10times more than we give to charities and God's work.


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