Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Wise saying may be conveyed as proverbs, chants etc. They are used to drive home ideas, issues, arguments, inspirations and so on, in the day-to-day life of an African. Wise saying are an integral part of the life and culture of an African. These philosophical words of wisdom have been preserved from generation to generation and are always handed over from parents to children as an inheritance. No matter how great an orator you are, or how eloquent you are, your speech is regarded as incomplete without proverbs which serve as ingredients for the speech. Africans hold proverbs in the highest esteem, and an African is regarded incomplete without the mastery of proverbs. Here are a few from Zambia:

A child who never travels beyond his village grows up thinking that his mother is the best book in the whole world ( from Zambia)

The hands of the porridge owner can never be dirty (from Zambia)

The man who refused to take advice from his friends arrived with feaces on his suit at his wedding (from Zambia)

It is not unusual for a cockrel to break its wing before adulthood (from Zambia

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