Sunday, March 19, 2006

A visit from James by David Kitz (March 19)

I was blessed by David Kitz's one man show at my local church today. David performed the book of James by reciting scripture verses as recorded by James- the brother of Jesus Christ. I was reminded that James believed in the Lord after the resurrection when the Lord appeared to him. Before the resurrection, the gospels record that James did not believe. In fact James and other family memebers thought that their brother, the trvelling evangelist was a lunatic! What an impact the resurrection made! Please plan to tell the resurrection story to someone this easter.

In his performance, David opens by writing greetings to the churches. He then goes into the meaty stuff: faith and works, prayer, caring for one another etc. The desription of the mouth as an organ of evil caught my attention more than the other parts. With the mouth, one can set the whole world on fire! Yet, it is with the mouth that we also sing priases to God. What a testimonythe mouth carries before our living God!

David did another performance called the "The Centurion's experince". He gives a perspective on the dearth and resurrection of Jesus from the Roman soldier's perspective- the centurion. The Centurion's experience has a good ending. At the end of his experience, (he led the band of killers that nailed Jesus to the cross) he confesses that he was ignorant of what he did and begs for forgiveness.

David has CDs and a book which was the number one seller a few years ago in the Ottawa area.

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