Saturday, October 07, 2006


The U14 boys and girls national club championships are being held in Toronto (Vaughan and Etobicoke) from October 4 to 9. My son's team, the Regina East United Internationals are representing Saskatchwean. I flew into Toronto on Friday to cheer my son's team. It was a delight to see them tie (1-1) against a highly seeded team from Quebec. My son's team played below their usual capacity. If they had played their usual game, Quebec could have lost by a baskeful. In the opening matches against Manitoba and the Yukon, the Internationals triumped against their opposition by 3 to 2 and 11 to zero respectively.In their regular season games in Sakatchewan, the Internationals did not lose a single game. The work ethic of the boys has been most excellent and a delight of everyone that is part of them. It is very likely that they will be in the top four teams by the end of the Tide Cup Tournamemnt on Thanksgiving day Monday. I look forward to celebrating their well deserved achievement. They have surely brought pride to Saskatchewan, a provinve which most people don't associate with soccer.

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