Sunday, November 05, 2006


For the first time, I sat down to watch a football game to the end on TV.The Riders as they are populary known in Saskatchewan have had their ups and downs but they enjoy the best support from fans ever. On November 5, they met the Calgary Stampeders in Calgary in a western semi final. The game was shrouded in pre-match controvesies about the Rider Muscot, a gopher who was banned from attending the semi final in Calgary on the grounds that the gopher (rodent) is a pest! The Stampeders commanded the game from the word go. Unfortunately, they made a lot of errors, so called turn overs which the Riders capitalized on. I don't understand all the rules about football but it was fascinating to watch the runs especially by Kenton Keith, who I think was the "Warrior of the game." The Riders are now on their way to meeting the British Columbia Lions in Vancouver next week in the western final game. The winner between the Riders and Lions will proceed to Winnipeg to play in the "Grey Cup."

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