Tuesday, December 05, 2006


A Toronto man took his wife of 40 years (plus children) to a local hotel to celebrate their 40th wedding annivesary. He decided to give his wife and kids a real treat and asked them to order anything they wanted on the menu. It was a real sumptuous meal and the drinks were top class. At long last, the bill came and the man was dreading what it would come to. He had planned all along to simply close his eyes and put the bill on plastic. All he wanted on this day was to entertain his darling wife and kids. To his surprise and disbelief, the bill came to nothing! The waitress pointed to the lone man in the corner and said , "He has paid everything including the tip." The man went over to the corner and said, "Sir, you didn't have to pay the bill. I know that it is quite high and I don't want to be a burdern on you." The lone man simply smiled and said, "Listen son, I am a Judge and I am always presiding over divorce cases. I was so thrilled to see you celebrating your annivesary with your wife and children. I wish many more couples would do the same so that I don't have to sign divorce papers. Please accept my gesture as a present for your annivesary." The man was lost for words but thanked the Judge.

Note. The story was part of a sermon on building strong families as told by my Pastor at Faith Baptist Church- Regina

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