Sunday, January 21, 2007


Westminister Abbey is not a burial place for paupers. Only those who have made it in life get to rest at this famous burial ground in London when they die. One man however defied the norm. He is David Livingstone who wandered about Central Africa in the latter part of he 19th century, attempting to abolish slavery and introduce Christianity to the heathen. When he died in 1873, his possessions were described as follows:
"In the chest was found about a shilling and half, and in other chest his hat, 1 watch and 2 small boxes of measuring instrument. And in other chest 3 drachmas and half half scrople." Other notable items of Livingstone were his bible, diary and a few items of clothing. Most of Livingstone's items were auctioned off for 3 British pounds! Although Livingstone was not a rich man when he walked the face of this world, he saved his wealth in the right place where moth and rust cannot touch it. He was indeed a servant of God who died in love of the unloved.

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