Monday, April 23, 2007


Ihave always been fascinated by how much agriculture there is in the world of God; the Bible. To begin with, the unspoiled or sinless life started in the garden of Eden. Everything was perfect. When God finally judges the wicked (Revelation 22), we are told that a tree of life is planted in the middle of the new city. The Lord Jesus Christ is presented as an agricultural symbol; a lamb! The first murder that is recorded in the bible was commited by a crop farmer (Cain). Cain killed a livestock farmer (we are told that Cain's brother, Able was a skilled hunter and he was probably the first person that domesticated animals). There is certainly a lot we can learn about life and God's plans for us by looking at agriculture. In one story by Jesus, he said that a seed remains a seed until it is put in the ground. Then it gives a bountiful yield. These agricultural symbols remind me that this old age industry will make it to heaven. Perhaps we will not be working at it as hard; maybe just looking after fruits like Adan and Eve in the garden of Eden. Maybe, we will just be smelling the flowers. It is a wonderful experience to look forward to.

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