Thursday, May 17, 2007


Today (May 17), I went for my routine lunch hour jog around Wascana Lake. As I run past the the majestic Legislative Building, I met my usual 'friends.' The Canada Geese were out there staring at me as if to say, "What fun is in running?" Usually, they scatter about as my footsteps get closer to them. Today, they chose to remain put! They all raised their heads as I approached.They were not even quacking! They were about 6. Naturally, I stopped. Strangely, they took to their feet when I stopped. I wondered why they felt threatened when I stood there motionless but not when I was running.

The Canada Geese in Wascana Park are certainly a natural wonder and yes, they are from the same stock as the famous Loon that people associate with the Canadian one dollar coin. My encounter with these creatures did not leave a very impressionable memory. I however learnt that weak things are often chosen to shame the wise and teach us a simple lesson that being the greatest startss from being humble. I wouldn't have imagined that a great countyr like Canada would choose a quaking duck to be a national bird that for generations to come will remain on the face of the Canadian dollar. In their simplicy and lack of intelligence, I am beginning to respect the Canada Geese around Wascana Lake inspite of the mess that they leave behind as droppings!

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