Friday, November 09, 2007


Last week at Faith Baptis Church (November 4) where I attend church, a gentleman from the Asia Missionary field challenged me. He showed a video of the man called Joseph who spent 2 years in India working as a missionary but bringing nobody to the Lord. Joseph is still at it and hey his prayers have been answered. Joseph has planted several churches in Indian villages. Joseph is a local within India but supported by the international community (I should say Christian believers). Surprisingly, big time missionaries get the big bucks but locals tend to do with what is falling from the master's table. And yet statistics are suggesting that locals are more effective than imports (missionaries). The challenge is how best I can support locals to do God's work right where they live. I am also challenged on how to be an effective missionary right where I live by how I conduct myself everyday.May God have mercy on me. Needless to say that import missionary have done impressive work of spreading the gospel over the years but times have changed to the point where direct contact with locals is perhaps well suited if done by indigenous people.

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