Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Frenzy - 07

A man of God said more suicides are commited around Christmas than any other time! This was a frightening revelation. He continued that it is the most dreaded time by those who are lonely. I could relate to this. I recall when I went to school in Scotland. I had no one to talk to around Chritsmas. I could not afford a ticket to go back to my home country for holidays and so I stayed on campus. It was miserable but a familyI hardly knew from a local church came to pick me up for a Chritmas dinner. They made my day and I felt good. A lot of people are feeling good because of the partying that will go on and the numerous presents tey will receive. I thought of Mary and Joseph. They had no place to go. Mary was due any time. It must have been tough for Joseph. He however swallowed his pride and took his wife to the stable. What a brave man! Soon, angels were singing. Shepherds started spreading the word. They were indeed the first evangelists of the gospel of Jesus. Parties this Chritmas are being held in top class hotels, boardrooms and expensive homes. Yet the owner of the birthday could only be born in a stable. You can honour him by inviting Him to your dinner except your dinner is your heart. Give Him a place in your life. He doesn't care about the frenzy going on.

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