Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Have you ever observed a rat and wondered what it might be thinking? It is amazing that scientists do so many things to rats in the name of science these days. I actually dropped biology in High School, partly because I did not want to look into the gut of the rat (I also couldn't see myself dissecting a frog!). That said, all we do to understand a rat is mere guess work. People in laboratories can oberve the physical and behavioural changes but it is all superficial and outward. We still don't understand what goes on in the rat's head.

God did something strange to understand the human race (we are not rats but his image). He gave up all the glory and became a nobody to become one of us (see Hebrew 2:17). This is amazing! God became flesh and experienced the same frustarions I go through every day! He was hungry. He did not have any wealth to speak of. All his meals were provided by well wishers and friends. He had no house of his own. Many of us spend the majority of our adult life wanting to be better than the other person (we call it working). The beauty of it all is that, after sacrificially being put to death,God the Son, rose and went back to His glory and said, "I will plead your case (pray for your weaknesses) since I understand what you go through." Is this something I would want to do for the rat? Probably not. It is more than experiencing what the other person is going through. It is called LOVE everlasting.

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