Thursday, December 04, 2008


Paul is a common name. The Paul that I lknow best was once called Saul. When his life changed, he was renamed Paul. How his life changed is another story. Let me just say that he got in trouble with the Roman authorities for preaching about Jesus. Verdict was to die by beheading. While awaiting death in a prison he wrote a letter to his friends at a place called Phillipi. He started by saying that he was very happy to write to them from prison. This got me thinking. What would Paul be happy about in a prison cell? He could have shared how tough it was but nay. I reflected on how many times I have been in a fix and shared my circumstances in graphic detail to people who cannot do anything about my situation! Paul chose to spur others to doing good things by writing a letter of love and hope to his dear friends at Phillipi. After reading Paul's letter (Phillipians-by the way, my Bible Study group is studying this great epistle) , I realized I am a victim of self pity or just plain sympathy seeker. Paul was not. What a guy!Thanks, Paul ans see you there some day.

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