Saturday, March 06, 2010

Playing golf with a 3 iron

I am somewhat getting attached to the game of golf (yet to hit 350 yards!). At a recent leadership workshop I attended, the speaker asked us if we have ever seen a professional golfer completing an 18-hole golf course with a 3 iron only. For a vriety of reasons (distance being one of the main ones), golfers use different clubs to hit the little white ball. This makes the game fluid and interesting.In life however and especially as we grow older, there is always a tendency to use the same old tricks. We fear to use the new tricks because of the discomfort of learning anything new. We however become inneficient and miss opportunities of increasing our tools for solving problems and enjoying life. For a long time, I became attached to one bible version and did not want to read anything else. I now have at least 3 version (KJV, NIV and RSV). It is so exciting and enriching to read the same verse from different perspectives. Certainly, a single iron in a game of of golf is not enough. Variety is the way forward even in spritual matters.

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