Friday, August 13, 2010


My summer project has been to pray for as many countries of the world as possible. I have a fascination with God’s people throughout the world and if I had the means, I would love to travel and see God’s image in the many nationalities of the world. Lately though, I have been shocked to see the tragedies that seem to follow one after another in many parts of the world. It is hard to see the desperation of people on TV and not being able to do anything. Of the many gifts that we have, prayer is possibly the only gift anyone can use from anywhere. It is priceless. I didn’t know where to start. I chose to use letters of the alphabet and pick countries in ascending order. I realized as soon as I started that this is not a small project. I discovered (through the internet) there are countries that I have not heard of! I never knew for example that Tuvalu is a country! I now know that this will be more than a summer project but I am glad that I am learning about God’s people and their struggles through this exercise. The CIA website provides me with the basic facts to start with. I have also discovered that X seems to be the only letters of the alphabet that has no country of the world named after it!

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