Sunday, October 24, 2010


I can’t remember the author. I read the book almost 15 years ago. Why do I remember the book? Well, the theme of the book is very similar to what is found in the Holy Book of Ecclesiastes. Ecclesiastes deals with the meaning of life and it was written by the wisest person according to God’s holy word; Solomon. We are told that Solomon had everything any human being could ever have: hanging gardens, beautiful women, entertainers, parlours and he built the most elegant buildings that would make today’s home flippers a joke. Yet he found all these things meaningless or chasing after the wind. This is the same matter explored in the “Diary of a no body.” The character lived a very routine life of work, life at home, tea parties and wanting to be what he was not. He did not find any satisfaction in any of these. He concluded, life was meaningless as well. For Solomon though, he made a footnote in his search for meaning in life. He discovered that the chasing after the wind made sense if one had God as a reference point. Then, everything falls into place. What a revelation!

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