Friday, November 12, 2010


The 11th November is celebrated as Remembrance Day to pay tribute to those who have lost their lives in liberation wars. I was most touched and troubled to watch the second world war documentary on tv on the 11th of November. Their was a catalogue of brutality that Hitler waged against allied forces. What really shocked me most was the way the Jews were killed en mass. I know that there have been movies like Schindller's list which have shown similar misdeeds but in Hollywood fashion. The more than 2 hours documentary on the second world war carried interviews of Hitler, Churchill, Roosevelt and many others. The fate of the Jews (and many others I should add)is what really bothered me most. It is unthinkable that captured Jews were made to dig their own graves before being shot, some with their children in their arms. As if this was not inhuman enough, Hitler thought the process was taking too long and resorted to mass graves and gassing people.The refrain as always is to remember these crimes but not to forget. We can do much more by ensuring that we stop the root causes that bring about extremism. It starts from within our hearts.

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