Sunday, December 30, 2012

The year 2012 in review

I don’t normally look back. I like what the Apostle Paul wrote in one of his letters to the Phillipians: “Forgetting what is behind, I look ahead towards the big prize fro Christ.” (My paraphrase). This time however, I thought I could sum up some keynote events that captured my attention. The 10 most hot issues worth reflecting about in 2012 for me were: 1. World end. The world as we know it did not end in 2012. Yes, you heard it. They predicted that there will be kaboom by December 12. Nothing happened, at least where I live. I slept peacefully. I was reminded of what the word of God says. God’s timing is outside of man’s control. The lesson for me is to be ready, in season and out of season irrespective of what the doom sayers predict and the best prep is to be steeped in the word of God. 2. Obama wins the USA Presidency for the second time. I paid attention because when the US sneezes, we all get the cold, at least from an economic perspective. I was fascinated by the two contenders for the post; both claiming the Christian faith but with different perspectives. Many people prayed for the best candidate to win and as always, God answered these prayers. 3. Violence in the USA. Just before Christmas, defenceless children and staff were killed by a gunman in a school setting. To bear arms is an American right but this is a case where rights become a danger to others. Someone’s freedom should end where another person’s nose starts! I trust that the law makers in the US will enact stiffer laws around carrying assault weapons publicly in order to prevent similar evens I n future. 4. Wicked weather everywhere. Critics say that Television has made it easy for people to perceive that we are experiencing more frequent extremes weather events because of the ease of reporting such events which in fact have always been around. Regardless of the ease, forest fires, tornadoes, snow falls , floods and drought were common place in 2012 and often surpassing the records. Thanks to the advancement in coping with extreme events. We saw fewer human deaths than would been the case if this were 30 years ago. The early warning tools that many governments have put in place made it possible for people to move to safer places ahead of the event. As always, some sections of the population failed to heed the warnings! Does Sodom and Gommorrah sound familiar? 5. More and more planets are out there. Perhaps you missed it. Scientists are discovering that there is much more out there than the 9 planets we are used to being told about since we were in lower grades. Is there life out there? The Rover to Mars did not confirm anything. It is very likely that the new place Jesus promised is probably out there somewhere and for sure it must be good just as it was in the beginning (in the garden of Eden). 6. The London Olympics brought some cheer to my soul. Athletes got their medals but I got the satisfaction of the Olympics from watching different sporting events, some of which were new to me. I wish that the Special Olympiads could be given the same air time as the able bodied. These Special Olympiads were a thrill to watch and aren’t we all special by God’s standards? A team from my church went to London to share the gospel message with Olympic attendees. Thank you to those who were ministered to. 7. Good food is made at home. In spite of eating out at some good restaurants, nothing beats that home made dish from my wife’s kitchen. Thank you dear. 8. Best holiday places? Three will remain memorable: Whistler-BC, Miami Fl and the warm soil of Zambia. What an experience to walk bare foot! 9. India. It broke my heart that a medical female student was raped and subsequently died from heart and sub-human complications of the rape episode. You were adorable and may God bless your soul. 10. Israel. My history lessons about Israel come from the word of God. The conflict between the Arabs and Israel remains my beef to the Almighty. It is solvable, yet the Lord lets it drag on (He knows best). The stand off in Gaza bled my heart and left more questions than answers. The Israel-Arafat death conspiracy remained unresolved. I look forward to reading about what they found out after exhuming Arafat’s body.

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