Thursday, December 26, 2013

I just came to say thank you

Pastor Jay and his son Mat enjoyed ministering in their neighbourhood. Every Saturday, they went out in their neighbourhood, hand out tracts and invite people to join them at their local church on Sunday, just down the road. As always, a lot of people just walked by but once in a while they conversed with a few and handed out a tract or two followed by an invitation to attend the Sunday service. Mat enjoyed the outing with his dad and looked forward to going out every Saturday. This Saturday was different. It was cold and raining. Pastor J did not think it was wise to go out. Mat was disappointed with his dad. He said, he would go out and walk about and possibly hand out one tract in spite of the poor weather. As Mat stepped outside, he felt the cold going right to his bones. This did not deter him. He walked past the park. There was nobody around. The park was deserted because of the cold. It took him 30 minutes to walk about to complete the usual rout. It was time to go back home. Then he noticed a lone house at the end of the street. He felt the urge to ring the bell and so he did. There was no answer. He sensed that someone was inside and so he pressed the bell one more time. No answer. Then he gave the door a good knock while still pressing the door bell. He heard some movement. An old woman came to the door. “How can I help you son? she asked. “ I am sorry for disturbing you ma’m. I jus wanted to wish you a merry Christmas and to tell you that Jesus loves you,” Matt said. As he spoke, Matt was smiling and reaching for his tract on “Knowing Jesus personally.” The woman said, “thank you.” “Before I leave,” Matt said, “I just want to leave this tract with you.” And off Matt went. The next day was a Sunday. As always, Pastor J started the service by asking his congregation if anyone had anything to share. A feeble voice at the back of the church said, “I have something to share.” An old woman stepped in front and said, “God sent an angel to my door yesterday. I lost my husband 10 years ago and I have been lonely ever since. I don’t go out and nobody visits me. Yesterday, I was about to take my life. I tied a rope to the rafters on one end and around my neck on the other end. Just as I was about to jump from the chair, I heard my door bell ringing loudly and a lot of pounding on my door. I paused from taking the leap and went to check who was at the door. I found a smiling young man who wished me merry Christmas in 10 years and told me that Jesus loves me. He left me a tract which I eagerly read as soon as he left. I did exactly what the tract suggested. I gave my life to Jesus and I came to your church today because there was an address of your church at the back of the tract and so I just came to say thank you.” The story was so emotional that Pastor J left the pulpit and went to hug his son and the woman, remembering that he had stayed away from their routine Saturday witnessing with his son. There was no person without a tear in the sanctuary. It was the best Christmas ever. Note: This story was shared by Ken and Barb Dickson but has been modified slightly to suit the Christmas theme.

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