Thursday, January 02, 2014

Sub-zero temperatures

Until you have lived it , it is sometimes difficult to imagine how -35 degrees Centigrade feels like. Since the Christmas week, Regina has had some very cold temperatures. These temperatures feel much lower than stated when wind is blowing and so they revise the temperature downward due to the added cooling effect of the wind. A few days ago, my windshield was covered in snow. I accidentally pressed my winshield button in the car as I was trying to warm the car. It snapped like a twig and with a bang! That is how cold it was. I tried to pick the broken wiper with my fingers. I threw it away as soon as I touched it. Yes, I got burnt by the cold. It is something I know already that you don't touch cold metal objects. Well, I can now say that I have cold scars to prove that I survived the Canadian sub zero temperatures!

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