Wednesday, December 17, 2014


The Christmas story I enjoy most year in and year out is that of the shepherds as recorded in Luke 2:8-20. After the fear of meeting the angel was over, the shepherds obeyed by going to Bethlehem to find the Messiah. They found Him just as they were told. He was laid in a manger. Their fear turned to joy and they could not hold it to themselves! They immediately went out and told everyone they met that they had found the Messiah in baby Jesus. People took notice and we are told that everyone was astonished! I would have been astonished too to see ordinary folks like shepherds expounding the gospel from their hearts. Shepherds were not trained Rabbis!! This story brings two significant points home for me: 1. When you are told the good news of finding the saviour (yes it can be overwhelming at first), accept it. It is true and countless people have found the Messiah by simply believing without doing anything else. The shepherds were probably the first believers! 2. When you find the Saviour, tell others about your new found hope. The shepherds were probably the first missionaries who answered the “Great Commission” long before the Lord gave it 33 years later.

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