Friday, April 28, 2006


The siren went off at 8:30 am to signal the start of the Regina Police Half Marathon on that Sunday morning of April 23. Conditions were not the best for running, at least by my running. We had sub zero temperatures and a southerly wind of about 30 km per hour. My two colleagues from Saskatoon were on hand to enjoy the run with me. But wait, I forgot to say that we had to put on gloves and jackets to battle the elements. This extra armour helped initially but became a burden half way through the race. In spite of the elemets and heavy gear, it was a joy to run along and just chat with whoever was chasing the wind. Something you rarely see when people are walking by. I got the idea that maybe, people should be running more! They are more chatty!

My running buddies and I clocked 2 hours and 1 minute and thanks to them for encouraging me to 'keep up the pace.' I sure almost gave up when the wind nearly blew me off the road. When official results came in, I was surprised at how good we had done! In fact we had beaten the Mayor of the city (our dear Mayor of the city of Regina was once a boxer and a very affable man, he was also a boxing ref at the last Olympics in Greece) came in at 2 hours and 10 minutes. This was certainly not my best time. In practice and other competitions, I am way under 2 hours. The beauty of the 'windy city' marathons is that you become ready for anything. I am not sure the conditions we had compare to the hills that our dear sister is conquering in Capte Town! Now, this is putting my neck on the chopping board! You can check entire results of the RPHM at:
"Those who enjoy life keep on running"

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