Monday, April 10, 2006

What will people be doing in heaven?

My son (now 13) asked me from the blue after we had been to church, "What will people be doing in heaven dad?" He was 5 years old at the time. I answered the best I could but I somewhat felt that he was not convinced with my answer. I talked about being happy, no tears, no darkness etc but I believe he was looking for duties in heaven. I told him that I will do some more research and give him an answer another time. My research took me to the book of revelation. I found some 'duties' for the saved ones. One that stands out is worshipping the lamb (Christ). I wans't sure that that this duty was sufficient to keep people preoccupied for eternity. Then I read a book which talks about the duties that God gave to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. The author says Adam and Eve worshipped God by looking after the garden, naming all the plants and animals and having God around to talk to as a friend! Unfortunately, their work was cut out after they sinned. They no longer had the privilege of being the botanists, zoologists or anything else. Their preoccupation became survival instead of doing the honourable jobs that God had for them. The author says that God will restore these duties to his saved children in heaven. The worship that revelation talks about now makes sense and I now have a better answer for my son!

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