Monday, May 22, 2006


Roadside markets are an interesting feature of Zambia's life. How much money exchanges hands at this markets is not known but it is acknowledged that a lot of people draw their sustainance from them. Markets are part of the informal sector of the Zambia's economy. More people are employed in the informal sector than in the formal sector, according to official estimates. Other than at city markets where city officials levy a fee for trading, informal markets at road sides or peddling are not levied any tax. In the picture above, the road side market is strategically located at Mufulira turn off from Kitwe. The road from Kitwe continues on to the copper mining towns of Chingola, Chililabombwe and the newly opened copper mine of Kanshanshi in Northwestern province. Merchandice at these markets range from cooked food to live animals. In between are vegetables, eggs, curios etc. Weights and measures are not used and a good buyer is one who can bargain. The bargaining is what makes these markets most interesting. What starts like an arguements ends up in two people sharing jokes and their family experiences.In the end it is a win win situation.

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