Monday, June 19, 2006


This was the first time that I took part in this prestigious Marathon. I was not ready for the whole thing and so I chose to run the half. The atmopshere as would be expected for an event of this magnitude was terrific. Th start line was near the University of Manitoba and the finish line was in the Uuniversity's footbal stadium. Whether you are sore or not, just hearing the drums from 5 km away pumps you up to go to that finish line. Thumbs up too to the following:
1)there was no crowding along the way-running on wide streets for this kind of eevents is an excellent idea
2)the community cheer leaders are second to none, at one station one guy was giving free Molson larger! I wouldn't recommend this for anyone who is serious about running though. It is however his jovial attitude that has earned this guy an entry in my journal.
3) the music along the route was like caffeine that pumped you up
4)i didn't see a frown on any runner, you basically chatted with whoever
5)the volunteers were so cheerful!
6)the last mile - is named after IRV, a volunteer who passed on before the race. the distance by my estimation is longer than a mile and colleagues I talked to wondered about this too! Recognizing the silent majority who make things happen was great feat for me.
What about the downs? Here are some:
1)the unwinding area after the race was too small- too much crowding
2)too few conveniences at scheduled points- one toilet per station (some stations had 2 or more) created unnecessary waiting and lost time
This was over all a life time experience to remember. For full results of this event, check:
The over all winner was Michael Booth, a Winnipeger who clocked 2:31:54. Congratulations to him.

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