Tuesday, June 27, 2006


The QCM (Queen City Marathon)registration has opened. The event takes place on September 10, rain or shine. As an early bird entrant, you only pay $50 if you register online. Some improvements to the QCM will be implemented this year. Although details have not been fully communicated at this time, it looks likely that there will be changes to the route. This is a welcome development because runners have always complained about the narrow paths and running the course twice in some places just to make up the distance.

Assuming no early freeze up, September has just about the perfect weather ingredients for the marathon. It is not too hot nor too cold. A shower or two feels like a massage to the runner. The leaves are just about changing colours too and it is a great incentive to look at the variety of colours in the woods. The Regina community is another great reason to come.There is always that grandma/grandpa clapping the entire time for you. If you have never participated, I encourage you to make it your first. You will not be disappointed!

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