Wednesday, August 16, 2006


My Pastor shared the following story a few Sundays ago on our responsibility to love others.
A lady was driving home on a cold and grey evening. The sun had already gone down and darkness was setting in. As bad luck would have it, the car got a flat tire. Considering the time of day and the weather conditions, the lady became frantic and waved every car that passed by. Unfortunately, all the cars zoomed past her without stopping. The lady became quite scared and feared for her life. Along came a truck driven by a shabby looking man. The man spotted the lady from a distance and sensed that she could be in trouble. The lady fearing for her life jumped into her car and rolled up the windows. The man stopped and inquired if he could be of any help. The lady was not sure whether she should speak to the stranger.The lady speaking through her rolled down car window said that she had a flat tire and would appreciate some help at any cost. The man got to work immediately and quickly replaced the flat tire. The lady asked the man who he was to which he replied that his name was Brian. The lady asked Brian to name any price for changing the flat tire. Brian refused to take any money but said that he was just happy to see that she was out of danger. He only asked the lady to extend a helping hand to others as means of paying for the generosity he extended to her. The lady thanked Brian and left. Some 5km down the road, the lay spotted a coffee shop and went over to have a cup. As she sat down to order her coffee, an overworked pregnant waitress came to serve her. It was obvious by her expression that she was barely trying to make ends meet. When the lady struck some conversation with the waitress, she learnt that the baby was due any time but money was short. Upon leaving the restaurant, the lady left four $100 dollar bills on top of the change from the $1,000 bill that she had placed on the tray with a note saying, ”Please take the money and use it for the baby.” The lady was overjoyed and before she could thank the lady, she was already driving off. The waitress went home and eagerly wanted to share her experience that evening with her husband. The husband was already fast asleep when she got home but she lightly kissed him on his forehead and said , “I love you Brian.”

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