Thursday, August 17, 2006


The AIDS conference is just wrapping up in Toronto. The Canadian Broadcasting Cooperation (CBC) has carried out some excellent programming on the conference (video streaming can be seen at CBC carried out extensive coverages of:
1)How grand mothers in Africa are shouldering the burden of caring for the oprhans. Interviews with grandmothers from South Africa and east Africa were quite revealing.Canadian grand mother are equally rendering support through fundraising etc.
2)There have been some encouraging suport from the world's richest and the famous including comments or financialsupport from Bill Gates and his wife, Bill Clinton and Mr Lewis (the UN Envoy for AIDS).
3)The fight of AIDS through drama in Gambia by a nongovernmental organization showed that a lot can be achieved withought spending millions of dollars. The Nova Scotia Gambia Association has been carrying out AIDS campaign warnings through drama in Gambia resulting in reduced AIDS prevalence among the vulnerable groups.
4) There have been some stattling statistics on AIDS prevalence in Canada and North America in general.

Unfortunately, it looks as though the political leadership in Canada has had some second thoughts on whether to support the conference or not. The Prime Minister, for example kept away from all deliberations. Major announcemnts on AIDS by the Canadian government have had to be postponed.

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