Monday, September 11, 2006


As I approached the check in counter at Regina Airport on my way to Montreal, two ladies from Calgary were spotting their QCM (Queen City Marathon) medals around their necks. I was doing the same. They were so proud to see me wearing my 42km medal. We shook hands and chatted a bit on the nice running weather. Over 3,000 participants took part in the QCM. For my part, I was just thrilled to finish the QCM in my PF (Personal First of 4 hr and 16 minutes). I trained for 4hr but a strange headache threw my runnin intentions out of whack.It was great to visit with running friends from Winnipeg, Saskatoon and elsewhere.
A running race always has some memorable highlights. My headache is one. Then the finish line! It was great to see friends from work, my wife and collegues giving that last 100m encouragement to cross the line with a big smile. The pictures are their to prove it! A 75 year old man finished the marathon to a round of deafening applause. That was really great!! When I get his name, I will send him a note of encouragement. The 2.5km Friensship Run from the Running Room to the Leg and back, a day befre the QCM was equally memorable. needless to say that for the first time, I won something. I span the wheel and myspin landed on a free stringed bag.

The bottom line is that people run to achieve a goal and hey, life in general is about setting goals and realizing them. The QCM was one great experience towards achieving my life long goals. I talked about 'retiring' from running but we will see..

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