Thursday, July 02, 2009


Zacheaus was "physically challenged!" He was a short man and unable to see stuff well at crowded events.This was the case when Jesus, the greatest super star that ever lived was passing through a Palestine city called Jericho. Zacheaus badly wanted to get a glimpse of Jesus, after all he had heard that the dead were coming to life and the bind had their eyes opened because of Jesus. He climbed a tree to get a glimpse. Surprise, surprise, the "star dropped in" and begged him to come down and prepare a banquet. This is a happy ending and Zacheaus promised to lead an upright life thereafter. This story reminds me that we are all too short to see Jesus. For many of us, it is the buggage we carry (e.g. hate, anger) that makes it impossible to enjoy life to the full (like Jesus). It may be that, we literally have physical challenges (illness etc). Fortunately, He who came to seek the lost has already seen this. He is acually saying, "I know where you are, I want to come to supper with you." Coming to supper means relieving us off our burdens. It is the bottom line.

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