Friday, August 21, 2009


"The log in your eye," is a story that most people are farmiliar with from Mathew 7:1-6 on judging others. The story made even more sense to me when I heard the following humorous lines (i hope) from the man of God:
"An elderly couple stopped by a restaraunt to eat. They were on a long road trip for their summer holidays. They got in their car after their meal and upon travelling about 30km, the woman remebered that she left her handbag in the restaraunt. She asked her husband to drive back so she could pick her handbag. The husband was not amused. Being on the major highway, he could not just turn around. The next exit was 10km away. He ranted on and on. "Why didn't you check before we left?" "Now we have to waste gas on a trip we shouldn't be making." The wife just kept quite, thinking that the husband was possibly right in making these remarks. They finally got to the restaurant and as the wife stepped out of the car, the husband shouted, "While you are picking your handbag, collect my credit card from the cashier and pick my hat from where I sat."

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